High specification protective coating applications.
Solutions for most industries:





Thermally applied protection capability (spray arc)

For top quality coating requiring mobility, economical operation and high consistency, Advanced Performance
Coatings choses to use the Sulzer Metco ValuArc. 

A choice of materials are available, all with individual advantages, which are heated by electrical or
chemical means and sprayed onto the surface. Useful for: 

Repairs  •  Dimensional Restoration  •  Corrosion Protection  •  Surface Wear Prevention

spray booth

Brand new, custom made fully
compliant combination spray booth designed specifically for water
and solvent based products.

Automatic,and manual high carbon steel shot blasting 

Shot blasting is used to clean large items such as boats and aircraft, remove rust and paint from heavy
equipment and steel structures
and is the ideal surface preparation
for protective coatings.

Epoxy primer/sealer

The non-porous finish is usually suggested as the first basecoat over bare steel. Various other epoxy
primers can also be applied over fiberglass and plastic.

Cast Iron Repairs

We developed our unique cast iron repair service to give excellent structural strength that works with an
overall protective layer of zinc.
This provides the equivalent protective layer that galvanising would give.

Protective process capabilities

From the rail industry to the offshore and subsea oil industry, Advanced Performance Coatings can protect and increase the longevity of equipment.

Protective coatings product sales:
Aerospace, Military, Commercial, Domestic

Restoration work

Sometimes things just need a bit
of TLC to get many more years of productive life out of them. Jon is happy to undertake bespoke projects, please email or phone to explain
your individual requirements.